You can request a Certificate of Authenticity for any lot of 100€ or more you purchase from Colectalia, at the cost of 20% of the sale price. Some lots, mostly under the category Republican Labour Camps and Prisons, have this certificate free of charge, even if their sale price is lower than 100 €.

Colectalia generically guarantees the authenticity of all the lots it offers, but these certificates are an additional warranty, individualized for the lots for which they have been issued, and a proof that those lots have their origin in Colectalia. The Certificates make extensive our warranty for the purchased lot further its sale and with no time limit.

If you want to obtain a Certificate for any lot you pretend to purchase and that meets the minimum price requirement, please write to once the order is placed, and you will receive an additional invoice with the price of the Certificate. If you want to obtain a Certificate after the purchase of any piece, please note that we do not issue Certificates for pieces purchased in Colectalia if we cannot phisically examine them and if they are not accompanied by the purchase invoice.

We do not certify pieces not sold by Colectalia.

Anyone owning or being transferred a piece with one of these certificates can verify its legitimacy writting to

We keep these public records of certified pieces to give extra security to the market about high quality and top pieces, and to facilitate their further transmission. The price of sale of the certified pieces and the identity of the original buyer are confidential, and this data will not be communicated in any case.

Here is a list with copies of the Certificates issued. The originals have the fields "Registry Nr" and "Date" filled, and are signed at the end and on the pictures:





We also issue peritation reports for single pieces or collections, at the cost of 20% of estimated value up to 100 €, 10% of est. up to 1,000 € and 5% of est from 1,000 €.

Here is a list with copies of the peritation reports issued:

Peritation 1