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All our items are accurately described and any damage or imperfection would be noted in “observations” field. If no comments there, the piece is defect-free.

Abbreviations: MNH mint never hinged / MH mint hinged / MNG mint no gum / U used / SS souvenir sheet. Rarity grades: S: Scarce / R: Rare / RR: Very Rare / RRR: Extremely Rare

Descriptions & additional pictures: we provide high resolution extra images for every lot, featuring obverse & reverse. So no claims will be accepted for possible undescribed defects shown in pictures.

Payments: we accept all major credit and debit cards through PayPal and Skrill, and Bank Transfer.

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For Spanish Stamps:

Edifil: Edifil & Edifil Especializado

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For World Stamps:

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