Llanes unlisted censor mark on postcard to Madrid, 1936

Llanes unlisted censor mark on postcard to Madrid, 1936

Reference: C10813

1936 Llanes - Madrid.
Stationery postcard Edifil 69 witn unlisted censor mark "ALCALDIA DE LLANES", with one strike used as postmark also. Madrid arrival roller postmark of August 23, 1936 on the front. Text on the back dated on August 12, 1936. Center folding mark.

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Republican censor marks of 1936 not belonging to main cities are very rare. During the first monthes of the war many censor marks were improvised, and they stopped being used later, when censorship was centralized. Ernst L. Heller published the catalogue "Marcas utilizadas por la censura republicana de la guerra civil española" in 1995 with all the Republican marks known until that moment. From then on very few new marks have been discovered. The mark in this lot is extremaly rare.

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