Cover from a Disciplinary Battalion to Egypt with censors, 1939

Reference: CT218

Cover to Cairo, Egypt, from Batallón Disciplinario nº 4 with censor marks.

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Cover with field post postmark dated on January 26, 1939, sent by Cesáreo Villanueva, in Batallón Disciplinario nº 4, 3ª Compañía, C.C. 19, Base H, Tura n1, Ejército de Levante. Blue marks on the front and the back "EJERCITO DE LEVANTE / CENSURA MILITAR". On the back, censor mark of the disciplinary battalion partially covered by the censor tape, "EJERCITO [DE LEVANTE] / Batallón Disci[plinario nº4] / CENSU[RA] / [,,,] ____" Two benaficency stamps Edifil 29.