CoVid-19 crisis

Dear collector,

As long as this public health crisis lasts, shipping will be free and all orders will be sent through registered mail, insured for full value to guarantee a full refund if any shipping gets lost in the mail. We will use home delivery services to avoid you going to a post office to pick up packages.

The shipping mode we're using is expensive and we assume all costs. Insurance costs are high. We kindly ask you to cummulate orders for the following minimum ammounts before requesting shipping:

America: €300
Europe €100
Spain: €50
Rest of the world: €300

Lower orders or cummulate orders with lower ammounts will also be attended.

To cummulate orders, simply note it in the "Leave message" field in the chekout page, and request shipping to when you want. If you don't leave the note, the order will be dispatched immediately.