If you want to sell your Spanish civil war stamps or postal history pieces, please follow these steps:

1- Take pictures of the pieces. For large files, you can upload them to WeTransfer and share the download link with us.

2- Write a description of the pieces or lot.

3- Fix the price you ask for your items. Do not send anything without a price, as those requirements will not be attended. If you need an appraisal, see costs below.

4- Send all this information to

5- Please, take in mind we only buy Spanish civil war period stamps and postal history. Offers with lots not belonging to this specialty won't be attended.

6- We will reply as soon as your offer has been examined. We do not negotiate your prices: if your materials and the price you request for them fit our needs we will buy them, and if not we will reject your offer.


If you want to know the market value of any Spanish civil war lot or collection, we can make an appraisal for you at the cost of 3% of total estimate. The report will be emailed after payment of the appraisal is cleared. If you want to request an appraisal, send high definition, clear pictures to