Albatera Labor Camp, 1939

Reference: CT007

1939. Cover from Albatera Labor Camp to Bern, Switzerland, with censor mark of the camp

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Cover sent from the forced labor camp in Albatera to Bern, Switzerland, with Albatera postmark dated on February 10, 1939. Censor mark "Ejército de Levante / Censura Militar" on the front and the back, plus Albatera labor camp censor mark on the back:


(Labor Camp / Albatera / Censored / Repply in post card)

The sender info is cut off and thus has disappeared from the flap, only reading "Alicante, España". Bern arrival backstamp of February 23, 1939.

Albatera labor camp was operational from October 1937 until the end of the war, and after it it was used as concentration camp by the rebels, from April to October, 1939.