General Porlier prison, Madrid, 1938

Referència CT032

1938. Cover to General Porlier Street prison in Madrid

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Cover franked with 45c Edifil 737, roller postmark with unreadable name of place but date of Feb 3, 1938, addressed to General Porlier Street prison in Madrid, with rose mark «CENSURA» and «SED BREVE EN LAS CONTESTACIONES» in blue. On the back, «CENSURA» mark again and number «13». Content dated in Torrelodones on February 2, 1938.

The addressee is Julio Rodríguez Eguidazu, lawyer from Torrelodones, afiliated to Acción Popular and detained for this reason. Freed on June 25, 1938 (see Archivo Histórico Nacional, Sig. FC-CAUSA_GENERAL,28,Exp.16)