Cover from a Spanish refugee in a German Workers Battalion in Bayonne, 1943

Reference: C10650

Sent by the artist Eduard Fiol i Marquès, designer of Girona's local banknotes of 0.25p & 0.50p.

€ 200

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Cover to Girona from Feldpost 48146/S, corresponding to the Organisation Todt, Oberbauleitung Bayonne, a German worker's battalion in occupied France. Feldpost postmark dated on November 26, 1943, and marks "Ay", "Arbeiterpost" and "FELDPOST / Nr, 45368 / EINHEIT". On the back, Barcelona transit postmark and censor mark Heller RB20.20c.

It was not known in Eduard Fiol i Marquès biography that he had served in a German worker's battalion. This unit served in the fortification of the Atlantic cost.