Post card from Casa de Reforma in Cehegin to Valencia, 1938

Reference: CT118

Post card from Casa de Reforma in Cehegín to Valencia, with censor mark of Cehegin labor camp in violet reading "CASA DE REFORMA - CEHEGIN / *CENSURADA* / CONTESTE EN TARJETA POSTAL". Unreadable date on the postmark but text on the back dated on February 19, 1938. Unlisted by Allepuz.

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Horizontal and vertical folding marks.

Casa de Reforma was a prison for women created by an order of the General Chief of Prisons of Feb 1, 1938 (published in Gaceta de la República, number 49, Feb 18, 1938). The order states that "the numerous contingent of prisoners in the zone loyal to the Government of the Republic and their transfer to Barcelona, urges to create appropiated prisons to host prisoners depending on the Ministry of Justice", and for this reason Casa de Reforma was stablished in Cehegín, using the building of what in other time was Maravillas monastery, to host prisoners sentenced to labor camps or other penalties, for offences of disafection to the regime or to endanger it. Ceeghín's Casa de Reforma was part of the prison system for women of the Republic, with Ventas prison (Madrid), Valencia prison for women and Alacuás camp.