Post card from Cehegin to Madrid, sent by a prisoner just after liberation, 1939

Reference: CT185

Post card sent by a former prisoner of Casa de Reforma de Cehegin just after liberation and while still being in Cehegin, trying to go to Alicante.Certificates

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Post card sent by Josefa Díaz Ciruelas just after baig liberated from Casa de Reforma prison. Cehegín postmark with unreadable date, but text on the back dated on February 19, 1939. The text says she stays in a hostel named "Posada de Manolo", and it is worth transcribing and translatin.


Cehegín, 19-II-939

Muy querida Pilar: desde ayer tarde estamos en la "Posada de Manolo" y hasta ahora no se como nos arreglaremos para poder llegar a Alicante, pues no hay trenes, y los camiones van tan llenos que hasta ahora no hemos podido subir en ninguno, pues además el equipaje es un impedimento muy grande. Os escribo desde el control de autos, esperando uno hacia Caravaca o Calasparra, para allí tomar el tren hasta Murcia, donde creemos nos será más fácil trasladarno a Alicante. Podeis escribirnos a Colón 8, a casa de Rafaela. Ya os escribiremos cuando lleguemos, y no nos mandéis nada más; recibimos el paquete y mil gracias de todas. Muchos besos y abrazos para ambas familias de mamá y míos. Pepita.


Cehegín, Feb. 19, 1939

Dear Pilar: we are in "Posada de Manolo" from yesterday afternoon and I don't know how will we be able to go to Alicante, as there are not trains, and the trucks are so crowded that we could'nt boear anyone, so our luggage is another big difficutly. I am writting you from the checkpoint for cars, and we are waiting for one going to Caravaca or Calasparra, to go to Murcia by train from there, as we think it will be easier to reach Alicante from there. You can write us to Colón 8, Rafaela's house. We will write to you when we arrive, and do not send us anything else; we got the packet and thanks a lot from we all. Lots of kisses and hugs for both families from mom and me. Pepita.

Sender and addressee are the same than in lots CT184 and CT066 (see Certificates). Exceptional witness of the first days of liberty of a former prisoner of Casa de Reforma in Cehegín.