Orihuela Labor Camp, 1938

Reference: CT004

1938. Post card from Orihuela Labor Camp to San Juan prison in Murcia

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Post card from Orihuela to San Juan prison in Murcia, with postmark Valores Declarados dated on March 25, 1938, 25c stamp Edifil 685 and three different marks, one triangular reading "GOBIERNO / CIVIL / CENSURA / DE / PRENSA", a rectangular one reading "CENSURADA" and mark "SED BREVES". Gobierno Civil's mark and "SED BREVES" strikes also on the back.

Ernst. L. Heller, in his catalogue Marcas utilizadas por la censura republicana durante la guerra civil española attributes the two first marks to the civilian censor in Orihuela (numbers RO7.2 & RO7.1). Despite of this, several facts point at a penitentiary origin of the piece:

First of all, there is a black strike reading "Tarjeta Postal" (Post Card), proving it is an improvised post mark like those used in other Republican prisons to make the job of the censors easier. The mark "Sed breves" (be brief) seems to indicate the same origin. And finally, from the text on the back , we can conclude that who writes is another prisoner.

For all this we can assure that this post card has its origin in Orihuela Labor Camp, only penitentiary facility in this town during the Spanish Civil War.

Sent to Antonio Ballester Espinosa, Cárcel de San Juan, Murcia, from his two sons. The mark "CENSURADA" on the front could belong to the Murcian prison and have been stamped upon the arribal of the post card to this prison.