Labor Camp number 1, Preventorio C, Muntaner 55, Barcelona, 1938

Reference: CT010

1938. Improvised post card from S.I.M.'s Preventorio C, in Muntaner 55, Barcelona

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Improvised post card sent from the S.I.M.'s Preventorio C in the Seminar of Barcelona, 231 Diputació Street (see La Vanguardia, Oct 5, 1939, page 7), This was part of Labor Camp number 1. The address of the sender is 55 Muntaner Street, Groud Floor, Barcelona, headquarters of the Servicio de Investigación Militar, where all the correspondence for the prisoners in the SIM prisons and labor camp was addressed to be redirected. Franked with 25c Edifil 749 and Barcelona surcharge of 5c Edifil 19. Roller postmark with unreadable date, but text on the back dated on August 11, 1938. Handwritten mark "C" in red pencil for "censor". The text fulfills the requirements for the prisoners in the S.I.M. labor camps, with only 20 words, and the sender asks the same condition for the reply:

"Barcelona, August 11, 1938. Write twenty words post card. Send socks, underpants, toilet paper and 25 pts money order. Hugs, Pepe. Sender José González Juan. Preventorio C. Military Prisons, Muntaner 55 bajos"

The sender was a retired Engineers lieutenant colonel (see La Vanguardia, Mar 12, 1933, page 4), who whas detaiden in April 1937 for being a fifth columnist and a falangist (see La Vanguardia, Apr 17, 1937, page 3). Exceptionally rare piece.