Labor Camp Number 3, Els Omells de Na Gaia, 1938

Reference: CT073

Postal stationery Edifil 78A sent from the SIM's Labor Camp Numbner 3.

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Postal stationery Edifil 78A sent from Labor Camp Number 3 in Els Omells de Na Gaia to Barcelona. The sender is Moisés Cabutí Clarabuch, and his sender info reads "2nd Brigade, 1st Group, Labor Camp Number 3". Text dated on October 10, 1938, and Tàrrega postmark of October 3, 1938. Sent to his wife, Leocadia Sans de Cabutí, in Barcelona.

The labor camp number 3 was operative only six monthes, from April 26, 1938 to September 24, 1938.