Post card to Labor Camp Number 5

Reference: CT041

Postal stationery Edifil 79n sent to Felix Perearnau Viola, prisoner in Labor Camp Number 5, in Ogern.

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The address where it is directed is "Labor Camp Nr 5, Pueblo Español, Barcelona" as in the complex of the 1929 exhibit of the Catalan capital there were the S.I.M. offices in charge of receiving and redirecting the correspondence to the labor camps, dutie shared with another office in 55 Muntaner Street.

The inmates of labor camp numer 5 came from the prison ships Argentina, Uruguay and Villa de Madrid, and also from Valencia and Madrid prisons, from Figueres prison, from Tarragona prison, and from Model, Montjuïc Castle and Pueblo Español, these last three in Barcelona. The camp was operative from July 2 to November 18, 1938, when all prisoners were moved to Barcelona's Seminary, then the S.I.M.'s Preventorio C (prison).

The post card is undated, the postmark is unreadable and there is a stamp lacking.

Extraordinarily rare piece. The postal stationery in this lot is one of the five known pieces received by prisoners in labor camps under S.I.M. rule (two in private collections and the other three offered in this collection: lots CT091, CT041 & CT011)